Physical Therapy Evaluation

The key to treatment in any medical profession is realizing the correct diagnosis.  Here at Forward Motion Physical Therapy, we utilize all different approaches when treating a patient, but focus on the Maitland Concept during evaluations.  The Maitland Concept focuses on the patient-centered approach of actually talking to and listening to the patient prior to the physical assessment.

After gaining a good understanding of where to evaluate, we perform a thorough examination to see how we can change the patient’s symptoms. By changing the patient’s symptoms, we are able to identify the offending tissues and develop an individualized treatment plan to restore normal movement and control.  Just relying on Medical Imaging, does not always lead you to the right diagnosis.  There are many individuals who have radiological findings, which do not correlate to their chief complaints. There are many well-done studies that show you may have pain with or without findings on Medical Imaging.  Not only we do evaluate where the pain is occurring, Forward Motion’s physical therapist perform movement assessments to assess how you move as a whole. Remember, you are not a body part, you move as a whole person or system. It is vital to see how the system moves as it may be the reason why your “Knee” or “Shoulder” hurts.

Our Goal of assessment is to peel away the layers in order to arrive at the root of the problem. Then correct the problem and prevent reoccurrences with comprehensive hands on treatment, therapeutic exercises, and activities to be performed at home.

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