Remaining Positive During Uncertainty

  • October 12, 2021

Hit REFRESH on your body, mind, and well-being.

We are designed by nature to be resilient, self-healing, and balanced with the world around us. When we are in balance, we naturally feel energetic, healthy, focused, and continuously refreshed and rejuvenated each day. As this happens, our cells break down and renew themselves every day to keep us alive and well balanced. When faced with stress, challenging situations, and lifestyle changes, we can gradually shift out of balance. Stress can also make staying positive challenging.

Our bodies are highly organized and will start to give us signals we are not getting the rest and nourishment we need, warning us that we so not healing and repairing as we should. If these stressors are short-lived, our bodies move back into balance. The healing response is something we do every day. Think how we repair from a cut, a bruise, or a cold. We have a fever, redness, and the feeling of heat, but this is in a highly controlled way, and once we are feeling better, the body returns to normal.

However, we have become so conditioned to the stressors in our lives that we often ignore these key warning signals and continue with the daily grind, accepting the aches, pains, sleepless nights, and feelings of chronic fatigue or malaise usual.

How do we cope? 

For some, the breakdown in our tissues may be worsened by stressors, uncertainty, and anxiety we live through with COVID-19 and quarantine. The ongoing fear and changing information can be making some of us more susceptible to feeling increased pain and stiffness due to low-grade inflammation. Think of what happens to our bodies when we are under stress, angry, frustrated, or under pressure. We are “hot.” Our skin becomes red, our heart races, our muscles tense up, as we become inflamed- think of the color red. Some of us may feel down and depressed, sapped of energy, and our mood is less upbeat. We are in survival mode.

When we are calm, our body is relaxed, our muscles are soft, and we feel light, energetic, and focused. We are “cool,” and this can be associate with the color blue.

We all need a little healing right now. So let start giving our bodies positive messages and so we can stop just surviving and start thriving. Now is the perfect time to make new changes and fresh your goals and daily routines. It is the ideal time for healing and renewal of our body, mind, and spirit. Instead of feeling pain, and discomfort you could be feeling free energetic, and vibrant.

Here are some simple ideas you can start today to get you feeling better.

How to Remain Positive?

Stressful situations increase inflammation. Think Hot vs. Cold. Change your mindset & your attitude. Instead of viewing the stressful situation as a threat, consider the situation an opportunity. By changing your mindset, you’ll decrease your inflammation.

Get enough sleep. We wear it during the day and repair it at night. We should be getting 8 hours of sleep a day, despite us thinking we only need 6.

Choose healthy, nutritious, wholesome foods and try to decrease the amount of sugar, processed food, and alcohol. Nourish your cells.

Focus on looking for the positive messages that are around us every day. Don’t make room for toxic feelings or avoid toxic people.

Nature is a great way to restore our emotions. Look at the sun rays as they dance through the trees, take notice of the bright, beautiful flowers of summer, feel the warmth in the air, and listen to what is around you. The quiet moments in the day are bookended by the orchestra of birds, insects, and animals as they go about their day. Fill up on the positive energy.

Living with the least amount of struggle and the least effort makes life easier.

Living in the present renews your energy. It takes a lot of effort to put up walls and be in conflict. Don’t blame or complain. Take away the struggle and be at ease.

What can I do to help?

The daily breakdown and adverse effects on our cells can be reversed with a bit of extra help and guidance from a physical therapist. We are highly skilled and trained to look and listen to your body. We perform a completely subjective evaluation listening to your story, asking where you hurt, what makes you feel better or worse, and then diagnosing your musculoskeletal problem by performing a comprehensive movement assessment of how you move. Using this information, we can then put together a comprehensive treatment plan to decrease your inflammation, get you moving, and exercising your joints and muscles safely to get the blood pumping again to nourish and REFRESH your body. Schedule an appointment with one of our excellent physical therapists by clicking here or calling (973) 400-3730.

3 Things You Can Try Today

1. Drink lemon water first thing.

Start your mornings off with a hefty dose of hydration by drinking a cup of water with lemon. Lemon water helps rejuvenate dull skin and helps you digest food better, so you’ll be less bloated throughout the day.

lemon water
2. Get some fresh air.

Make the time to go outside on your lunch break, or whenever you have 10 minutes to spare, without your phone, and take this time to notice your surroundings, feel the air on your skin, and take in some long, deep, and reflective breaths- be in the moment away from the everything.

3. Try positive affirmations.

Give yourself some words of encouragement, even if it feels silly, remember the pep talks we give our kids/friends each day when they are feeling doubtful, do it for yourself

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